Ambient Brightness Sensor


  • Monitor the ambient brightness to achieve automatic brightness
  • adjustment of LED display;
  • Connected to sending card SLC300/600, SCB-150.
  • Multifunction card NFN300 required to be used with other SGM controllers.
  • 5-meter standard cable, can be extended to 100 meters;
  • Outdoor use proofing;
  • No external power supply required;
  • Dimension: Ǿ45x50;


multifunction card


1) RS232 serial or Gigabit Ethernet port communication;

2) RJ45 port connection between two receiving cards or at the end;

3) Timer function which is able to replace timer and delayer;

4) Temperature detection of power distribution box;

5) Humidity detection of power distribution box;

6) Audio output;

7) 4-way light sensor connection to achieve automatic brightness adjustment;

8) Temperature and humidity module connection;

9) 8-way power switch control.


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