G-7 BeaSt star of the show on the prestigious 2021 Sanremo Festival stage

The G-7 BeaSt, a top SGM fixture, was the undisputed star of the show at the 71st Sanremo Italian Song Festival. It was a superb stage on which the 30 moving heads selected by the director of photography, Mario Catapano and supplied by Calvini Light Equipment Service showed off their power and precision, alternating precise beam projections with unique strobe effects.

What particularly made the difference were the ability to project backlight effects which envelop the subject without striking them and the impeccable delivery of the bands of light onto TV screens.

The light show created at the Ariston Theatre in Sanremo was an absolute “first” for the G-7 BeaSt, already tested on stages around the world and now being used in Italy too.


To find out more, read the ZioGiorgio interview with Mario Catapano, director of photography at RAI and Franco Calvini, head of lighting.